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Bulk SMS in Chennai is a strategy to reach a wider audience spread over various parts of the country, to promote products, services, etc. The word Bulk denotes large no. of SMS clusters transmitted to different mobile numbers to various destination at one touch. It’s a revolutionary marketing strategy and generate large number of leads. Bulk SMS are transmitted in lakhs. This mode is used to greet, wish for occasion like festival , new year and other popular days.

Bulk SMS service is provided based at Chennai, it’s served from a website , app or any desktop applications. We at SMS messenger send bulk SMS by efficient SMS gateway, there gateways are installed and operated through our own servers, it’s secure and has no access by other than our own teams. We help the user to set up their account through our gateway instantly. These messages will be delivered tagged with senders name and ID , it can be a brand on service name. The characters shouldn’t exceed 6 in length.

SMS messenger is one of the leading bulk sms provider with advanced technology in Chennai, India. We provide our service at a competitive low cost affordable with 100% delivery accuracy.


  • Instant approval of sender ID
  • 24x7 customer support
  • 99% Server uptime.
  • Unlimited validity of SMS
  • Bulk SMS API availability
  • 100% accuracy in deliveries
Delivery Time 9am to 9pm.
DND Numbers Automatically filtered.
Campaign option Data provided at extra cost.
Sender ID Static Alpha Sender ID.
Gateway Options High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.
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Bulk SMS service provider in Chennai

The current trend in business goes totally digital breaking all records set in by conventional methods of the past .It is a digital era where Marketing and Business promotion goes all out to reach every individual at a personal level operates through advance technics. Bulk SMS promotion is employed in advertising, marketing and promotion of products.

The market presence saves volume is directly touched by bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS Chennai gives a market presence reaches out wider geographical areas intrusive in a very deep sense and so the accuracy to deliver the information is perfect. Bulk SMS in Chennai operates through advance technics backed up by highly trained professionals through a customize software.

The entire operations is based on a special software through a reliable gateway enabling the API to transact bulk text accurately. These are Promotional or informative text messages sent in huge volumes.

The user is equipped to transmit messages drafted and designed at his own convenience, this creates a brand identities for the sender on his products. These features enable Bulk SMS Chennai in providing an error free and accurate deliveries. Bulk SMS in Chennai panel users can transmits volumes from Excel sheets easing it to create groups and upload contact list directly. Bulk SMS in Chennai provides not only the technology and skills to run an operation, it also provides charted course in devising methods and ways to deliver a Promotional SMS operation assisted by a technical support team working round a clock to rectify in case of any mal functions.

Few Industries covered by Bulk SMS in Chennai: 1. Hotels 2. Hospitals 3. SPA, Saloon 4. Retail Clothing 5. Online business 6. Automobiles 7. Universities, Schools 8. Political Campaigns Bulk SMS Chennai features: 1. 100 % delivery 2. Lifetime validity 3. 99.9% server time 4. 24 x 7 customer support 5. Wider reach and styled, drafted in detail in a short less time consuming reading material. Deliveries are personal through mobile phones, hence the chances are not being noticed is very rare.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Chennai over conventional, advertising and marketing technics:

This category of reaching out to end customers is a digitalized version of marketing appearing on mobile screens through a customized software in one click, this is unlike the old methods which are time consuming, expensive, needs physical presence and footwork. Bulk SMS promotion has a clear edge over all other conventional ,marketing strategies, the geographical area can be increased without incurring any additional cost or man power, this in turn directly affects the customer base pushing it up in numbers.

Unlike the older methods like Hoarding, Postures, Film ads, Bulk SMS deliveries hit the target with accuracy, the viewers in case of conventional methods are restricted narrow compared to bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS in Chennai is not restricted to promotional activity alone, it’s a tool transmit transactions, discount sales, opening of new outlets, product information, service calls etc. Banks and financial institutions use this method to transacting business reducing the paper works.

As a Bulk SMS in Chennai our service is excellent, backed up with all the necessary technology and skill to widen the existing business ,bring in new customers, solving service problems with a 24 x 7 assistance customer support this in turn widens the business volumes brings in new customers and directly increase the Sales turnover.

Few of Our Clients

Spids Indiaa

3/131,Kumarankudil, 4th Cross Street
Oggiyamduraipakkam, Tamil Nadu 600096

Aqua Glacier RO System

No.3, C.M.M Street, Ground Floor,"EL HEIGHTS",
Nungambakkam, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034


Anand apts, Phase-II, #50,
Bajanai Koil St, Choolaimedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600094

AJ Works

3rd floor, AJ Works, # 31/14, Burkit Rd,
CIT Nagar East, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Panacea Valley Consulting

33, Main Rd, Brindavan Nagar,
Valasaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600087
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