Bulk SMS Provider


Bulk sms service provider is used as a advanced tool along with business texting. Its reach to customers is wide and accurate compared to other modes of communications.

An organization running a business needs effective way to market and reach a wide base of customers in a cost effective method. Employing individuals to make calls to each customer consumes lot of time and lacks accuracy as the call may land on engaged phone or switched off instruments.

Bulk SMS voice provider is effective and successful in accurately reaching the customers notice. This method is used in generating fresh leads, reminders for payments, due on EMI promotional activities like Introductory offers, Festival discounts, Political campaigns are also run through this method and the reach is cent percent compare to other modes of campaign.

This can be a personalized message recorded and broadcast in a pleasing voice style chosen by the company.


Bulk voice calls are instantaneous, accurate and customized as per the customers involved. They receive voice message and the reach is effective wider at the same time, this is more personalized way of interacting than text messaging.

A system is designed to broadcast high volumes at one time, voice broadcast are used in election campaigns, government schemes, vaccination purposes on health schemes. Enquiry over train schedules, flight schedules, meetings and other important events where the involved crowd is larger

This system is automated voice with pre-recorded messages (IVR) that interacts with callers, it gathers important information automatically and re-routes the calls to the appropriate points concern. This is a cloud telephony features which replaces the traditional systems which is long, cumbersome and doubtful of the reach.Bulk SMS voice provider in India are using the system as a advanced marketing and client service tool.


This is mobile compatible android IOS on windows, bulk voice calls can be delivered to smart phones and it is interactive with any program and language.


Voice calls are delivered using Web applications, API is widely used technique integrating bulk SMS calling with foreign party application, fully compatible with other program languages.API has features to connect with the procedures of any program operating system, the broadcast is accurate.


It is a protocol used in VOIP communication, where the voice calls are huge in volumes, using mobiles over internet. SIP is used in important telephony for rich communication experience.SIP users are free world wide with no restrictions are geographical boundaries.

Bulk SMS voice provider is a advanced and an effective tool incorporated with the perfect applications which generates business leads, increases sales volume and it is perfect tool for after sales service with a deep customer satisfactions

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