Bulk SMS for Beauty Parlours

Bulk SMS for Beauty Parlours

Parlours and Saloons for both men and women are patronized more these days as people have become Conscious of how they present themselves. SMS in this category is an important tool to enhance the existing customer base by providing instant information on services rendered. SMS is employed in confirming appointments fixed to a customer and Bulk SMS is used in bringing Offers and Discounts to the existing customers and the new customers. This method can be used to run Advertising Campaigns by Saloons and Parlours. New products related to Cosmetics, New trends in Bridal makeover, new style for Men can be conveyed through a Bulk SMS. This Bulk sms is the only way for the Saloons and Parlours to expand their business volume, other methods of advertisement is narrower more expensive and the reach is very thin, mobile users will never skip a message without viewing it, hence it is a great platform to increase business volume and render quality services.

Bulk SMS Features

SMSMessenger offers Bulk SMS Services, can be used by any company or individual to promote or advertise about a product or brand or services. Some of the features are listed below.

Delivery Time 9am to 9pm.
DND Numbers Automatically filtered.
Campaign option Data provided at extra cost.
Sender ID Static Alpha Sender ID.
Gateway Options High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.

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