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SMS messenger provides bulk sms services all over the country in India , it’s technically essential to have branches all over the country. SMS messenger started it’s operations at Bangalore in 2016. Our operations in Bangalore retained the reputation of being the best bulk SMS provider, as we are backed up by an excellent technical support team , watching 24x7 in keeping the system perfect. We have since then have the reputation of being the best bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore.

SMS marketing through mobile is a proven marketing strategy all over the world , compared to E-mail this is more successful in reaching the attention of the customers. E-mails can be marked as spam and reach the bin. SMS messenger understand this and provides a smooth system which delivers accurately.

SMS messenger operates through reliable API’s to transmit transactional SMS accurately through third party application. To repeat, transactional SMS cannot be used in promotional SMS activities as TRAI restricts such a use. It’s used only for OTP generation and other transactional related purpose, no form of advertisement is allowed other than information.

Our restful SMS API can be integrated with any platform on any programming language , SMS messenger in Bangalore also provides sample codes in any language to integrate with users application in five minutes.

These features helps us to retain our reputation as best bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore:

  • 24x7 Support
  • 99% Server uptime
  • Sender ID feature
  • Multi Language Support
  • Maintain group option
  • Excel plug-in
Delivery Time 9am to 9pm.
DND Numbers Automatically filtered.
Campaign option Data provided at extra cost.
Sender ID Static Alpha Sender ID.
Gateway Options High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.
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Bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore Today’s Business operation as evolved to a more advanced level with a huge market covering a large population extended over a huge customer base geographically. As bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore, we offer bulk SMS deliveries to targeted customers covering a huge network of areas.This is operated with an advanced software backed up by qualified technical support teams.They take care of the operations for bulk SMS provider for Bangalore. Bulk SMS is delivered in large numbers at one click to a huge customer base.This Bangaloreoperation is done through a customize software enabling API to transmit messages as required by the company. Bulk SMS provider employs API and individual panels in delivering promotional text in bulk.The geographical areas covered is vast accounting for huge volumes of customer base.This is done through a gateway which ensures hundred percent success. Our panel users can transmit bulk messages from excel sheets too.

Listed are a few industries Bangalore Bulk SMS provider services are rendered to. 1.Hotels 2.Showrooms 3.SPA 4.Saloon 5.Clothing Industries 6.Political Campaigns 7.Banks 8.Financial Institutions 9.Colleges and Schools 10. Hospitals marketing strategies

As bulk sms service Bangalore extensive Promotional marketing SMS are delivered for different customer base with different strategies with a time frame restricted by TRAI.There is a dedicated technically qualified team of professionals handling this entire operations of delivering bulk SMS. We have an infra-structure fully equipped to carry out this operation successfully with accuracy in delivery and time.Bulk SMS provider Bangalore offers a strategy for best results combining a creative output and maintaining stipulated time frame.Assistance round the clock is provided to rectify and deliver with accuracy of operation.

Advantages of Bulk SMS in Marketing and Promotional over conventional method:

This belongs to the category of Digital Marketing through customize software targeting ,however huge the customer base or geographical area may be,this is a huge advantage and as a sharp edge over conventional method of marketing like Hoardings,Postures,Film advertising,Flyers etc. Bulk SMS messages is more economical compared to other modes of conventional advertising,the geographical area covered by bulk SMS deliveries is incomparable in its vastness to conventional marketing In Bulk SMS every individual personally targeted and the chances of a promotional message not being viewed is nil, without any doubt these messages are delivered directly to the mobile phones,emails and other applications.

These are viewed by the receiver without doubts.Bulk SMS is useful tool employed in other areas as a business operations system,Bulk SMS is used to send not only promotional messages but also be informative on new products,clearance sales,festival discounts,bulk purchase discounts.This system is used by banks to send reminders,account balance using one time password methods,and EMI dues reducingthe paperwork. Showrooms like Sellingclothing,Automobiles will use this method to inform the customers on a regular basis any changes or addition in their line of business,they also increase their customer base by venturing to new customer base extending to a wider geographical area.

We Bulk SMS provider Bangalore provider bulk sms deliveries withwell and equipped infra structures and team working with our clients to cover the required client base,this brings in fresh and new customers,retaining the existing customers,increasing the business turnover significantly.

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