Bulk SMS for Wedding Invitation


SMS stands for short message service, it’s a text sent from one mobile number to another. SMS messages are transmitted in bulk sms original from. Bulk messaging is cost effective and cheaper than the mobile to mobile single recipient messages. Bulk SMS is comparatively cheaper than most traditional forms of communication. Bulk SMS messaging is employed in sending marriage invites as text messages to friends , relatives, associates to their mobiles directly. A marriage invite drafted with all details of the marriage with date , venue , names can be transmitted through a SMS. There can be wedding reminders through SMS to friends , relatives and other official contacts to remind them on date , venue , time. This facilitates the reach and attention of people as mobile phones are hand held always.


(Bride and Bride groom’s name)

We would like to invite you on this day (date) venue – where we will be wedded and pronounced Husband and Wife.

On this special day we would love to have your presence would bless us with a good long happy life.

These are wedding invites ,various other invites can be drafted and sent to bulk numbers. SMS messenger create this facility of bulk messaging through our well integrated system.

Delivery Time 9am to 9pm.
DND Numbers Will be Delivered.
Campaign option Data provided at extra cost.
Sender ID Static Alpha Sender ID.
Gateway Options High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.

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