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Transactional SMS India

Transactional SMS is used for the purpose of alerts to customers on transactional purposes. Transactional SMS is restricted to transactional purpose and not for promotional purpose as per TRAI rules. The message delivery targets DND ( do not disturb ) only. If a promotional message is sent on this route there’s a penalty imposed by TRAI.

Transactional SMS in India is used for validation of mobile numbers, transmitting one time passwords. In order to validate a number OTP is delivered within 10 seconds from the transmitted time. We at SMS messenger offer this service of transactional messages from Chennai. We are one of the best and accurate service providers in India, our delivery time is 7 seconds from the transmitted time.

SMS messenger specialises in this route from Chennai, India, our technical team is equipped to provide free support to customers in integrating with any platform. We provide sample codes in any language to integrate with other codes, majority of transactional SMS providers don’t offer sample codes as per client requirements. We at SMS messenger provide sample codes to integrate in NET , JAVA , etc. This is one of our user friendly feature.

As a reliable service provider we have installed panels to track route SMS status, it gives feedback on weekly, monthly and yearly frequencies.

Below are the cost for transactional SMS route with effective API:

  • Order conformation sent to a customer- Thanks for placing order with us your product is ready to be shipped.
  • Bank account information to deposit, withdraw and remit money.

Transactional SMS features:

  • 24x7 delivery
  • Delivered to DND NDND customers
  • Six character sender ID
  • Scheduled time for future SMS /li>

SMS messenger- its unique features:

  • User friendly
  • No set up fee , No hidden cost No monthly rent
  • Advanced API to integrate with any app or website.
  • Real time delivery report of messages
  • User friendly interface
  • Send scheduled SMS
  • Send group SMS
  • Send excel sheet SMS
  • 100% delivery for active mobile numbers.

Required documents for subscribing:

  • ID proof of authorised person
  • NDNC undertaking on a letter

Activational steps for transactional SMS

  • Sign up with our website
  • Sign up undertaking document on company letter head
  • Sender ID for API integration.

As transactional sms service provider we enable transactional SMS API for our customers to integrate with codes free of cost. This is a rest API , customer needs to pass mobile numbers, text messages in query free parameters.

  • No need to log in SMS panel
  • Allows user to send Unicode SMS
  • Allows User to send Flash SMS
Validity Lifetime Validity
Delivery Time 24x7 delivery.
DND Numbers All numbers delivered.
SMS Delivery Template Based Delivery.
Sender ID Static Alpha Sender ID.
Gateway Options High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Send SMS from website using php, Asp.Net, C#?

  • Get SMS Api with SMSMessenger.
  • Login to our transactional web platform.
  • Request for sender id ad get approval from our team.
  • Integrate our sophisticated SMS Api with c# or php or any platform.

How to Send SMS from website?

  • Get Username and Password from our team.
  • Login to our transactional web platform.
  • Request for sender id ad get approval from our team.
  • Send SMS from our user friendly panel.

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