Bulk SMS for Saloons

Bulk SMS for Schools

Schools and educational institution universities , colleges , use bulk SMS service to convey admission dates, results, functioning dates, holidays and various details are transmitted through bulk SMS.

Promotional SMS are sent to convey admission details to the students base, this increases their presence in educational sector of the public, who are in need of admission to colleges , institution, universities thus increases the student strength as a institution needs more no. of students.

In this sector bulk SMS is sent through promotional and transactional SMS. Bulk SMS is a major media of advertising. SMS messenger is deeply involved in bulk SMS transmission services to schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Promotional SMS is mainly involved to improve admission numbers in schools, colleges, pvt institution. It’s operation brings new students for admission.

Transactional SMS is involved in transmitting messages containing information, updates to parents, attendance regulation. At SMS messenger we provide bulk SMS for schools and other institutions with a dedicated SMS gateway.

SMS messenger provides bulk SMS services in promotional and transactional areas. We are located at Chennai, we serve all cities in India, Bangalore, Pune , Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, etc.

Feature of Bulk SMS to schools and colleges

  • Send exam results, dates, fees date (last date payable).
  • Circulars
  • Ads on school and the records the school creates and holds
  • Meeting invite to parents
  • It’s 6 character sender ID in school name
  • Validity of SMS- unlimited
  • Genuine report
  • 100% delivery
  • SMS schedule for future

Reason to subscribe bulk sms service

  • Send sms to parents from schools.
  • Send holiday sms for students.
  • School fee reminder message
  • Send fee reminder message for parents

Example of a promotional SMS for schools

  • "ABC matriculation school , Hyderabad opens admission to pre-school till 10th grade, application can be obtained at school office. Walk in to get your kids admitted to our well-equipped play school, few seats available."

Example of transactional SMS to school

  • "Dear parent this is to inform you, your son Akshay is lacking attendance for the academic year 2017-2018. Kindly meet our principal at our office in school premises."
  • "Dear students due to continuous rains and a forecast of heavy rain, model exams are postponed to next week."
  • "Dear parent we request you to go through the progress report of your son/daughtersent to your E-mail submitted to us for communication."
Delivery Time 9am to 9pm.
DND Numbers Automatically filtered.
Campaign option Data provided at extra cost.
Sender ID Static Alpha Sender ID.
Gateway Options High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.

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