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Missed call alert services is a web based application to get real time notification on mobiles and toll free numbers. It’s a interactive session integrated with API, messaging , voice mail, call back etc.

Customers can be connected with a missed call, the missed call is captured and serviced, monitored on a dashboard. There’s a online panel to configure the missed call , send auto reply , E-mail SMS using web hook with various limits set.


  • Auto- reply SMS:- Auto reply SMS are prequoted that the customer will receive when there’s a missed call the reply can be customized at a personal level related to the customer.
  • Auto- reply voice call:- A pre-recorded voice clip is broadcast to the customer as a reply to the missed call. It makes the caller aware of the company’s activity and the instant response to their need with this missed call auto-reply.


There can be a automated IVR as a reply when a customer calls, it acts as a virtual receptionist by providing them with the information they need over the call.


Missed call leads are equally distributed among the business agents related to the company’s product or activity. Example: 50 calls will be split equally if there are five agents. The customers can be greeted with a favourite jingle related to the corporate feature and activity.


There’s no limit set on the number of missed calls pitching in at the receiving end. This method can be used for voting campaign, bulk customer feedback, etc.


Verification plays a vital role in online transactions. It is crucial for verifying the authentication of a customer transacting online. This verification of a customer is used at multiple levels. This system integrates missed call number at the neck of the verification process through which its completed.


IVR application is used in transport industry to confirm delivery tracking goods or documents in it’s transit process. It confirms the status of delivery when it’s complete.


Bulk SMS, calls can be broadcast to thousands of numbers at the same time. The user- friendly panel facilitates this feature with one click. The calls can be limited or filtered and It’s easy to set up filters on callers prioritizing the calls or the limit to the number of calls from a particular customer.


This allows to know exactly how the team works and get a detailed report of performance. This is used as a platform to get feedback from agents workers and business associates.

Missed call service is a unique feature saving man power and cost in the business process. It’s accuracy and reach is perfect and this method generates more volume of business and the customers are kept informed on the status of things which brings optimum customer satisfaction.

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