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Pros of Bulk SMS marketing

To be frank, bulk SMS service provides you with limitless benefits and opportunities. Fine, here we have listed the best ones for you to check out. Have a look:

Delivers instantly

It is definitely one of the best features that bulk SMS marketing offers. SMS service is visibly ultra-fast. Therefore, directly reaches the mobile device of your customers without any hassle. It is a confirmed fact that a text message does not take more than seven seconds to reach the recipient. Thus, you cannot have to worry about your messages being delivered.

Offers an efficient platform

By SMS marketing, it converts leads easily for you towards send messages to only a group of customers. And above, you can also select to send messages to all the customers in your list without any hassle. Too, you will have the full freedom to customize the messages before sending. Also, you can send transactional SMS as well as promotional messages to your customers without having any trouble.

High readability

Text messages offer you with utmost readability. It has been creating in a recent survey that people have the tendency to directly read the messages. As this fact, 97% of the messages that you send to your clients are instantly read. This efficacy is something that you cannot achieve if you are using any other tool. So, you can be completely secure of your messages being read with SMS marketing.

Provides reliability

SMS marketing delivers you with utmost reliability. Other promotion platforms like email fail to provide you with the same reliability. Once you send an SMS to someone it does not go through spam or other filters. So, your text messages will reach your customers without any trouble.

High conversion

Meanwhile text messages provide you with high readability, the conversion rate is also higher. At all offers you may offer through your SMS, it sees the higher conversion. Thus, if you are using the SMS marketing, then you can ensure proper business growth.

Incredible Opening rates

Users virtually read all of their text messages within a short few seconds while most of the business emails either find their way to spam folders or are simply ignored. Even if they will not ignored, it takes them quite a lot of time, sometimes stretching to days for opening the email.

If your customers are in an area where there is no Wi-Fi or internet connection, the email will reach them after a long delay. Therefore, using SMS lets you reach a much larger audience and most of them see the message content as well.

High-Cost Efficiency

Pamphlets, ads on print media, billboards and newspapers are often unaffordable for best medium and small-sized businesses. Compared to that, you will get bulk SMS packages at a phenomenally low price and at pointedly higher speeds. It conveys you a quick Return of Investment at a fractional cost to save you immense capital while growing your customer base. 

Informative and No-nonsense Approach

Whereas video, audio or image-based ad campaign might be designed carefully via the marketing team, a company can never be too sure of the reaction they might invite due to the scope of misinterpretation. However, with text messages, you have to be precise with limited characters that don’t allow for that bad PR incident to happen.

Tailored and Targeted

Offline or traditional marketing media which will be ignored or fail to grab the attention of modern consumers due to their generic design, bulk messages will be tailored specifically for your customers. Today trends are easy to track due to factors like an accumulation of demographic data, buying habits of users, the behaviour of consumers in a specific geographic location and more.

Targeting customers based on these factors via mail, poster ads or other forms of media compared to bulk messaging can increase the marketing budget way above your presumptions and does not have the convenience that bulk SMS offers either. You can easily mark offers, product launches, and other information depending on those factors and send them in short messages that are quick to read to your audience.

At SMS Gateway service provider are known to provide the best and most affordable SMS service at such low prices, one gets to personally target their customers.

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